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What Talents Did Lebron Take to South Beach?

Now that the Heat are crying and the public is rejoicing in their failures, it’s time to think where this Heat team might end up at the end of the season.  For some reason the Heat are getting a pass … Continue reading

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Knicks vs. Heat and a short Message about NBA Superstars

The Knicks face their first big test with their new roster tonight versus the Heatles.  Most Knicks fans can’t forget the battles that these two teams had in the mid to late nineties and with the addition of Carmelo and … Continue reading

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Lebron’s return

I didn’t really plan on writing much about Lebron returning so I won’t, but this is great.  Mo Williams isn’t a Lebron fan.

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As much as I hate ESPN, I still watch it everyday, here’s why I can’t stand it 1) Stuart Scott – The most over-rated analyst in sports history.  “He done did the okee doke on that dude.”  What does that … Continue reading

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The Heat are 5-4 and Lebron still wants to know who you want him to be.

The Miami heat are 5-4 and ESPN is already asking if they should be panicking.  Lebron has showed up to pretty much every game as well as D. Wade, but Chris Bosh is going to the be X factor when … Continue reading

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ESPN; and why it’s bad for you

Over the past few years ESPN and its commentators and anchors have slowly become some of the worst television to watch.  I have a hard time watching more than 10 minutes of sportscenter without having “coors light 6 pack of … Continue reading

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