Why Recruits Should Rethink Their West Virginia Commitment After Dana Holgorsen’s Comments


After the 2013 NFL draft, questions were raised over Geno Smith’s leadership yet no one at West Virginia would own up to them. At the time, most thought this was typical draft chatter that would die down immediately after Geno went to the Jets — and it did, until today. Geno’s former teammates and head coach Dana Holgorson said “We have to develop leaders,” Holgorsen said. “It was a big issue in last year’s team — in a bad way.” Was this a Direct shot at Smith? No, but everyone knows the team revolves around the quarterback. Not every play caller is vocal like a Peyton Manning, others lead by example – but either way the team goes as far as the man under center.

Geno Smith made Holgorsen and the rest of his staff over half a million dollars when you take into account victories in bowl games and other triggers in the head coach’s contract. Shortly after the leadership comments were made, Rex Ryan fired back at the University “It tells me I’m glad my kid never went there, I can tell you that much.” After hearing the quote from Ryan he couldn’t be more accurate, but this should be evident to the three and four star recruits that West Virginia is going after right now, including four star Quarterback William Crest. Holgorsen’s comments represent everything that’s wrong with college football. A player worked his tail off for a coach (for free–which is a whole other story) and all he gets in return is negative comments six months removed from college. Recruits seriously considering West Virginia should seriously consider other Big Twelve schools with coaches that will fight for their players, a good example – Mike Gundy.


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