NBA Playoffs First Round

I could go into every game and talk about it but I figured I’d spare you the five extra minutes of time, and rather go ahead and discuss the more intriguing games for this years 2011 NBA playoffs.

Starting out in the Eastern Conference;

Celtics vs. Knicks – Basketball is back in the Big Apple but defense isn’t.  As a Knicks fan I’m ecstatic they’re back in the playoffs and have two and a half superstars to do it, too bad defense in Mike D’Antoni‘s system is an after thought.  If the Knicks could play ten more minutes of solid defense I think they would be one of the toughest teams in the league, but they don’t and Amare is lazy.  I think the Knicks play competitive for the entire series, but only win one game.  Celtics win the series four games to one.

Maybe the Knicks should bring back the shaved head

As far as the East goes I think that is the only intriguing match-up, but I think it could draw the most attention for a first round series in either conference.

Denver vs. Oklahoma City – Denver’s success has been blown out of proportion ever since they dealt Carmelo to the Knicks.  The quality of teams that they’ve played and beaten haven’t been nearly as tough as the beginning of the season.  I like Oklahoma City to finish this series in five games.  Durant will be too much for Wilson Chandler or whoever George Karl puts on Durant, and when the game is close who are the Nuggets going to give the ball to?  I like the thunder here four games to one.

Bring back the Sonics

Portland vs. Mavericks – Here we go again, the Mavericks will fail to get out of the first round for another year.  Portland is one of the most underrated teams in Basketball and easily have the most underrated player in Lamarcus Aldridge.  Portland also has one of the best home courts in basketball as well, and I don’t see the Mavs as a dominant team to put Portland away early.  This series will be the only series in the first round to go to seven games, and I believe Portland wins the series four games to three.

What will Mark Cuban do this off-season?


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