Upset Specials

It is tournament time and I have filled out about fifty-seven brackets and have come up with my most bold and confident upsets, if you’re looking to win your pool then you probably shouldn’t listen to these picks, but here they are anyway.

(9) Villanova vs. (8) George Mason – I don’t believe the George Mason hype, and I think Villanova is more battle tested being from their Big East battles.

(12) Clemson vs. (5) West Virginia – West Virginia isn’t that good this year, and I believe Clemson is physical enough inside to pose a threat to West Virginia’s average big men.

(11) Marquette vs. (6) Xavier – I’ll take conference over conference in this game and give it to Marquette.

(9) Tennessee vs. (8) Michigan – Michigan shoots a ton of threes and only hits about thirty percent of them.  Bruce Pearl usually comes up with a pretty good game plan for the Tournament.

(11) Missouri vs. (6) Cincinnati – Missouri’s sixty minutes of hell and full court pressure will be too much for Cincinnati’s guards.

(13) Belmont vs. (4) Wisconsin – Belmont plays eleven players that can score, Wisconsin scores about 17 ppg.  I’ll take Belmont.

(12) Utah St. vs. (5) Kansas St. – Just a hunch.

Is Obama making a bracket this year?


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Graduate of the University of Tennessee. Freelance writer at Complex Magazine in New York City, learning from some of the best. Tweet me @nrestivo
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