What Talents Did Lebron Take to South Beach?

Now that the Heat are crying and the public is rejoicing in their failures, it’s time to think where this Heat team might end up at the end of the season.  For some reason the Heat are getting a pass because new players were added to a team, and the team faced some injuries.  Maybe instead of adding two players that have the same type of game, and an overpaid forward that looks like Ru-Paul, Pat Reilly should have looked elsewhere when assembling his team in the summer.  I guess nobody cares about the Bulls and the league’s outright MVP Derek Rose. Rose had to play without all-star forward Carlos Boozer, then once he came back Joakim Noah went down, and not to mention the eight players that were added to the Bulls roster.  But no, let’s concentrate on the team that had their championship celebration before the season started.


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