J. Kidd 2.0

With “these pretzels are making me thirsty” and the slow expansion of this blog, I’ve asked someone who is more well versed in the “Ets” subject matter.  This guy bleeds Jets, Nets, and Mets sports, and I asked him to write a post regarding one of his teams since he was there opening night at the Nets Arena in Newark.  He felt the electricity of the building and I wanted his take on the new look Nets, the future, and the atmosphere.  Without further adieu; Mr. Ets…

Basketball was back in New Jersey Monday night. Deron Williams made his home debut for the lowly 17-42 (now 43) New Jersey Nets. But you know what? it didn’t feel like one of the ordinary games I’ve gotten accustomed to over the past 4 years. For some reason it felt special. Brook Lopez was still soft (producing the quietest 28 and 10 game I’ve seen) The $35 million dollar man Travis Outlaw still looked lost, Damien James and Kris Humphries were still overachieving by allowing their hustle to overshadow their lack of basketball skill, and Johan Petro is still horrendous and should never step foot on an NBA court, however always seems to get 15 minutes a night for the Nets. But something was different. You could feel it. I knew it, the crowd knew it, everybody in the arena except for Travis Outlaw knew it.

There’s something special about having a premier point guard on the team you root for. Your team. Maybe I was too young to appreciate the transition of Stephon Marbury to our Lord and Savior Jason Kidd, but god I learned to appreciate it Monday night. I was brainwashed for the past 3 plus years thinking we got the better of the JKidd-Devin Harris trade. Harris was a young promising guard and Kidd was an older, past his prime disgruntled star who wanted badly to be apart of a winner again. Kidd took us as far as he could and it was time for a change. Harris started off well but lately has always been injured and when he did find his way onto the court he was a walking turnover. I’ll give him credit for the fact he always threw his body around and took some shots, but you were lucky to get 19 and 7 from him once a week. He didn’t make the people around him better the way Kidd did. There was no excitement in the arena when Harris was running the show.

Enter Deron Williams. Yes, 0-3 to start his Nets career but you could feel it Monday night. Billy King stole this kid from Utah. There arent many STUDS at the point who can change a franchise the way Deron Williams has the potential to do. After watching Chris Paul last night get shown up by Toney Douglas I don’t even know if I wanna put him in the category anymore. Deron, Derrick Rose, Rondo maybe? (lets see how he does when the big three hang it up.) Not many. Kidd and Nash are past their prime. But Williams is special. Watching him live brought back so many memories of the Jason Kidd years. You take those Kidd years for granted, when its gone for a while you forget how truly special they are. In just 1 home game Deron Williams is reminding New Jersey what happened when they acquired a hall of fame point guard as well as the potential for it to happen once again. In just 3 games, he set an NBA record with 47 assists (probably could be in the 60s if Travis Outlaw could hit an open shot). Imagine if he had decent NBA caliber players to pass to what that number would be? Scary. Yes, I know the Nets need to resign him after next season, but you know what? Who cares. I’m enjoying every game he wears the red and white. But who wouldn’t want to play with this guy? Thanks to the Russian Mutant Mark Cuban, the Nets have the assets to acquire talent this summer (i.e David West), as well as young chips (Brook Lopez, 3 first round draft picks, expiring contracts) to attract another blockbuster deal at the midway point next season (Dwight Howard anyone?).

Melo works for New York. I thought he’d work for New Jersey, he wouldn’t have. He didn’t want to be here. Billy King’s plan B is gonna ultimately be better than his plan A.  With our billionaire owner, as well as the Brooklyn vision, we can convince Williams that the Nets are where he wants to be. He can pick his players, he can run his point, and hopefull, eventually he can lead us one step further than Jason Kidd ever did. And then, in the end his Number 8 can hang along side Number 5 in the Barclays Center.

(Just first please do something about that horrendous hair and beard.)



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