Knicks vs. Heat and a short Message about NBA Superstars

The Knicks face their first big test with their new roster tonight versus the Heatles.  Most Knicks fans can’t forget the battles that these two teams had in the mid to late nineties and with the addition of Carmelo and Amare, I am hoping for this rivalry to be renewed.  No fan of basketball will ever forget Jeff Van Gundy hugging the leg of Alonzo Mourning, or the Knicks camaraderie of shaving their heads.  The days of bruisers like Oakley and Larry Johnson are over, as well as the overall toughness of the NBA, but the Heat and the Knicks have a chance to bring a great rivalry back to basketball and hopefully add some toughness to the league.

On Another Note:

Adding another superstar to the Knicks couldn’t have been better for basketball, when the New York Knicks are relevent, everybody cares about basketball a little more.  Yes, it’s a shame that the small market teams can’t hang on to their stars but the same scenarios occured back in the eighties and nineties.  General managers need to make better decisions in the draft and they need to hold themselves accountable.  My mom could have scouted Hasheem Thabeet and told me he wasn’t NBA ready.  After GM’s make a mistake in the draft, they cry to the media and the NBA that they can’t contend.  If the front office wants to keep a team together they should learn that a good team is built in the draft, and adding superstars comes later.


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2 Responses to Knicks vs. Heat and a short Message about NBA Superstars

  1. It’s great to have this rivalry renewed! I’m one that is not crazy about the trade since adding more offense to that team is like adding another bucket of water to the Atlantic ocean. Still, if they ever can sign a big man who can rebound and play defense the Knicks will be a force.

    The Van Gundy/Mourning incident is one of my fondest memories, even though they lost that game! Van Gundy struck a blow for the little guys everywhere! I also remember being late to a gig in Brooklyn becuase I ducked into a bar to see the last quarter of a Knicks/Heat playoff game which endede up going overtime. It was on a Sunday and the Knicks won the game.

    I used to live three blocks from Tom’s diner. This was 25 years ago — I lived on Broadway and 109th. Now I’m in the Bay Area.

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