It’s Official; Melo is a Knick

After one of the most dramatic, drawn out trades in recent history, Carmelo Anthony is finally a New York Knick.  Basketball has been absent in the Big Apple since Patrick Ewing has left, and now New York Knicks basketball relevant again with the signing of Amare and now Melo, basketball has returned in New York.  It took the Knicks giving up some young talent in Gallinari and Chandler (Mozgov doesn’t count) but as I’ve stated in recent blog entries, Carmelo is an upgrade to either of those players.  If the Knicks didn’t make the trade to get Carmelo before the deadline, chances of them signing him in the off-season would have been slim.  Melo was looking to feel wanted, and by the Knicks giving up half of their team and some promising young stars, the front office of the Knicks came through.  The one negative that I see coming from this trade is the loss of Raymond Felton.  Flashes of old Steve Nash were seen in the Garden this year from Felton and it’s sad the Knicks had to involve him in the trade.  Either way I couldn’t be happier and I’m sure Landry Fields ducking all of the trade rumors feels relieved as well.  Welcome home Melo.  Welcome back Renaldo Balkman, the Knicks number one cheerleader.


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Graduate of the University of Tennessee. Freelance writer at Complex Magazine in New York City, learning from some of the best. Tweet me @nrestivo
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