The Knicks Need Carmelo Now

I’ve previously written about how I don’t care about when Carmelo comes to the Knicks as long as he does, well I retract that statement.  After watching the disgusting effort by the Knicks Friday night at the World’s Most Famous Arena against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to get Donnie Walsh on the phone with Denver to make a deal.

At first look I thought the trade to send Gallinari and Wilson Chandler or whoever would be in the package that would be sent to the Nuggets was giving up too much young talent, but after looking at how both of those players perform, the Knicks can’t give them away fast enough.  I’ve always been a huge Carmelo fan, but his defense makes him tough to root for at times, and his defense was my main concern.  Bringing him into New York with another below average defensive player in Amare Stoudemire spells trouble.  After watching Gallinari and his slow feet try to guard Kobe Bryant it was evident that Carmelo wouldn’t be a downgrade defensively.  Yes, it was Kobe Bryant and maybe the match up wasn’t in Danilo Gallinari‘s favor, but what match-up is in favor of a 6’10” perimeter player.  Bringing in Carmelo would only add to consistency to the offensive side of the ball and not much of a difference defensively.   The same goes for Chandler who brings a little more offensive flash, but on the defensive side Carmelo is equal if not better.  Anthony wants to play in New York, Chris Broussard and any ESPN expert can tell me that Melo will take a hard look at the Nuggets, but he ultimately wants to be a New York Knick.  Point being, when any human is put into a situation they want to be in they tend to perform better than in a place that they don’t love.  Adding Carmelo to the Knicks would be a poor man’s version of the Celtics Big Three.  Raymond Felton is running the pick and roll as well as any point guard that has been under Mike D’antoni‘s offense, Amare is comparable to Kevin Garnett minus the fake intensity and dirty play, and Carmelo brings an almost unstoppable offensive game.  If this team relied on defense the Carmelo trade wouldn’t make sense, but Mike D’antoni is looking to outscore teams in the hundreds and bringing Carmelo back to the city where he was born can help the Knicks make a serious jump in the Eastern Conference and contend for an Eastern Conference Championship.


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Graduate of the University of Tennessee. Freelance writer at Complex Magazine in New York City, learning from some of the best. Tweet me @nrestivo
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