Mark Buehrle is a Hater

There hasn’t been much to write about in the sports world recently, and I refuse to write about Carmelo until something Chris Broussard reports actually happens.  This story however comes in regards to Mike Vick and possibly his number one hater, Mark Buehrle.  Buehrle is a pitcher for the Chicago Whitesox and apparently active in animal rights.  In a recent interview Buehrle told that he hoped Mike Vick would get hurt over the course of his MVP runner up season.  I have a hard time with Buehrle’s ignorance considering everything Michael Vick has been through since he was caught and charged with holding a dogfighting ring at his home in Virginia.

For starters, some people forget that Vick actually went to jail.  Away from his kids, his million dollar lifestyle, and his wife.  Buehrle in the article states he wishes Michael Vick would get hurt.  I don’t understand how Vick being jailed can go overlooked, or maybe Buehrle just forgot.  Many also think that once Vick was released from jail he could go back to his riches, his cars, and his house, not so fast.   Vick is nearly bankrupt, he has to pay his lawyers, his fines, and other legal payments.  For an athlete, Vick is living a very moderate lifestyle.  Not to mention the Eagles took a chance on Michael Vick, there was no guarantee Vick would ever take another NFL snap.  I understand most of Vick’s problems come from what he had done, but case in point he is now suffering from those decisions.

I don’t think what Michael Vick did to those dogs was by any means something to excuse, but I believe his apology which had no notes was sincere, as well as the time he spent in jail and the fines he has had to pay off since being released from jail.  Athletes are held to a higher standard whether they like it or not and Mark Buehrle is no bigger of a man by criticizing Vick and wishing injury upon him.  And congratulations to Buehrle for rescuing that dog in St. Louis and spending $3,000 on it, but I’m sure the 1 in 4 people that live on one dollar a day in the world would’ve appreciated that money too.



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