NBA sneaker MVP

When it comes to the sneaker game in the NBA, everybody has different sponsors and different sneakers; from Kevin Garnett‘s Chinese based brand Anta, to Lebron JamesNike contract everyone has their own taste.  However, sneakers don’t always make the best player in the league, and for this we must dig deeper.  The player I’m thinking of might have some of the best talent in the league, one of the best three point shots, and some of the craziest hops I’ve seen in a while (not counting Blake Griffin of course), the player I’m thinking of is J.R. Smith.  Smith comes to the court on a nightly basis with some of the best and most colorful sneakers in the NBA, here are just a few that he has worn this season, and one pair from last season;

Jordan XI Cool Grey – These sneakers were recently re-released and JR Smith was quick to wear them for a few games.

Nike Zoom Kobe V iD – Smith isn’t shy at shooting, ever–and he’s definitely not afraid to rock the low top Kobes with his number five on the side. (These are from last year)

Nike Hyperfuse – Simple colorway that you’ll either love or hate, completely matching the Nuggets’ uniforms, makes him stand out on the court.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI – Another low sneaker for JR, he has also worn these in yellow which look amazing.

Smith has stuck to mainly the Kobes this year mainly in the colorway of the Nuggets, but over his NBA career he has worn phenomenal sneakers, mainly sticking with Jordans, Kobes, and mainly anything Nike.  I’m surprised he hasn’t gone with any of his teammate Carmelo’s sneakers.


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