If I was Roger Goodell

After watching last nights pro bowl “game” I got to thinking how the NFL can spice up the competition to make it less painful to watch.  Instead of players going half speed in fear of getting injured the NFL should switch up how they go about running their all-star game.  The following is a list of proposals the NFL should take into consideration:

1) Make the pro-bowl a weekend of events – Much like the NBA, the NFL should adopt a pro-bowl weekend.  Starting on Friday night with a punt, pass, and kick tournament.  Then on Saturday have a skills competition with events like the 40 yard dash, most accurate quarterback, and an obstacle course for defensive players.  Not only would this be more entertaining for fans, but we would be able to settle who can throw the ball the furthest in the league as well as who is the fastest, etc.

2) Flag football tournament – It was painful to watch last night, interceptions, miscues, quarterbacks and wide receivers not on the same page, led to an ugly game.  Instead of making the players learn a basic boring offense, a flag football tournament should take place.  There are X amount of players and of those players a certain number of captains.  Those captains pick like in a fantasy draft (taking the idea from the NHL, shocker) and make teams of seven or nine, and there must be an offensive and defensive line.  A tournament style game leads up to the championship game.  Now the defensive linemen can be involved in a pass rush and the scoring will be in the 100’s.  Plus the players instead of practicing can spend time in Hawaii.

3) Make the Pro-Bowl after the Super Bowl – This way the fans votes will actually count unlike in the presidential election.  I’m sure there are plenty of all-stars on both Super Bowl teams that want to take their families to Hawaii but can’t, even though the Super Bowl is a nice consolation.


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One Response to If I was Roger Goodell

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Nice read man, really enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe the pro-bowl was 42-0 at one point when I flipped on for the first time yesterday. I know it ended up closer but having a combined total of 97 points or whatever it was is just plain stupid. Football needs to get rid of the pro-bowl. Just send the pro-bowlers to Hawaii and leave it at that. Moreover, not having the players who are playing in the Super Bowl is doubly stupid in my opinion. I know it’s not original to think to get rid of it but I don’t see any way they can change it to make it actually exciting. Maybe a Skills competition like NBA or NHL? Idk. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/get-rid-of-em/

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