The Jay Cutler Drama

I was hoping the infamous MCL sprain or tear whichever you choose to believe of Jay Cutler was going to go away, but thanks to ESPN the injury to Cutlers knee has stuck around far too long.  The purpose of my article isn’t to speculate whether or not Jay Cutler is tough, but how he will be perceived for the rest of his career as well as how he would’ve been looked at by the media and public if he had stayed in the game and the Bears won or lost.

As Americans we love when someone gets hurt and plays through it, we see it as the American way–when faced with an obstacle we don’t back down, we instead fight our battles head on.  When Byron Leftwich was carried down the field by his linemen at Marshall suffering from a leg injury, he will forever be remembered as one of the toughest college football players of all time, and that is the image Chicago Bears fans would love to feel about Jay Cutler.

If Cutler did play the rest of the game and the Bears lost, all Bears fans would be up in arms of how their quarterback played.  However, if fans later found out that Cutler partially tore his MCL and was playing on what people like to call “one leg” he would instead be crowned tough as nails and a guy who really represents the city.

I don’t question any NFL player‘s toughness considering I could only dream to play in the league.  It’s a shame Jay is getting so much hate for not continuing the game.  Yet if he was to stay in the game, have the Bears lose, but let the fans know he had a torn knee the situation would be completely flipped.  Bottom line is fans aren’t doctors and half of them have never had a knee injury let alone try to play on one.  Let the players and doctors figure out who is in a better position to have the team succeed, and in this case Jay Cutler wasn’t the best option.

Side note: The NFL players who criticized Cutler from their couches on twitter, try making it to the playoffs first, then you have some room to speak.  And Maurice Jones Drew retracting his statement saying he was only kidding is more soft than Cutler not playing.



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