Top 10 Basketball Sneakers of all Time

Here’s a list of the top ten basketball sneakers of all time, minus any Jordans.  If the Jordans were in the list they would take up three quarters or maybe the entire list.  Drumroll please…

10. Nike Air Bakin

Re-released look

Not to be confused with Penny Hardaway, Tim Hardaway scorched the Knicks in these sneakers every playoffs that the two teams faced each other.  Perfect color combination for the Heat, this is one pair of sneakers I wish were never rereleased–too classic.

9. Nike Air Zoom GP

Take me back to the days where Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp played alongside each other.  Who could forget this pair of sneakers with the buckle on the side to hold the laces in like “a glove.”

8. Reebok Answer 1

The first sneaker released by Reebok coined with the “Answer” name.  The DMX technology was tight even though everytime I wore these sneakers they would fall apart within three weeks.  When laced up the Reebok logo would come together near the tongue, nice touch by Reebok.

7. Nike Air Max2 CB94

I have a personal love towards these since I wore them for my last two years of high school basketball.  I liked the bulky look to them, but even better was how light they felt on my feet.  A lot of different color schemes really made the Barkleys an instant classic.

6. Air Zoom GP II

These sneakers made you look fast especially the white edition.  They fit Gary Payton perfectly and I liked how they went away from the glove look for a period of time as well as adding his name to the side.  Sometimes it is easy to forget what an impact Payton had in the league.

5. Reebok Kamikaze II

Even if you don’t love sneakers you’ll recognize these.  The signature sneaker of The “Reign Man” himself, the Kamikazes went halfway up the leg, but were still the envy if you didn’t own a pair.  Behind Jordan and Pippen, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp may have had the best sneaker combination in the league.

4. Reebok Shaqnosis

Maybe better known as the Zebras these sneakers were mesmerizing and big, just like Shaq Diesel or whatever nickname he goes by now.

3. FILA Grant Hill

Even 2pac wore them

The things I would do to have a pair of these today.  How did FILA land a player that was killing it like Grant Hill was back in the day?  Maybe one of the more simple designs, but they might be aside from Jordans, the most recognizable pair of basketball sneakers ever.

2. Reebok Question

Allen Iverson’s most popular pair of sneakers and one of the most popular selling basketball sneakers of all time.  This basketball sneaker came in all different types of color combinations.  Even though the low top Iverson’s looked better, the basketball sneaker was both comfortable and light.  The colors in the re-release and Denver were crazy too.  Remember Iverson’s crossover in these?

1. Nike Air Garnett III

The nicest Garnett sneaker ever, dark blue and black color scheme were fitting for his game in Minnesota.  Another re-release by Nike that I wish never happened, these were too nice to let everyone get a second chance at them.


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