AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

Every week my picks have been improving and I hope to go perfect this week.  Every week since Wild Card weekend I have gone against the Jets and I will continue that trend this week.

Jets @ Steelers – It’s not because I don’ think the Jets can’t win, the odds are just stacked up against them this week and it would be too bold of a prediction to pick the Jets and here’s why.  The Jets have already beat the Steelers once this year at Pittsburgh, quite a feat.  In the NFL it’s hard to find a team that can go on the road three weeks in a row and win all three, plus trying to beat a team they have already played is even more of a challenge.  All odds aside, I think Pittsburgh is the better team when Troy Polamalu plays as well as Aaron Smith possibly returning from his tricep injury that has kept him out most of the season.  Polamalu is like the quarterback of the defense and Mark Sanchez will have to account for Troy on every play.  As happy as I was that the Jets beat the Patriots last week I think the magic is over for Gang Green.  I would like to see the Jets win just so I can hear another priceless Bart Scott sound clip.

Pittsburgh 28 Jets 17

Packers @ Bears – The Packers have revived their running game with James Starks. Starks has run for 123 yards versus the Eagles and 66 yards versus the Falcons.  66 yards isn’t much but the thought of a partial running game for the Packers breaks the game open for Aaron Rodgers who has been nearly perfect during the playoffs, and has been compared to Dan Marino by Steve Young.  The media and ESPN hype up the Bears defense to be the best in the NFL, but the Packers actually are ahead of the Bears in total defense.  With leader Clay Matthews and physical cornerback Charles Woodson, I see the Packers pulling this one out.  As long as Jay Cutler goes back to his old ways of head scratching throws I think the Packers will pull this one off.

Packers 35 Bears 24


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