Melo Staying in Denver for Now

Here’s something you shouldn’t be surprised about, Chris Broussard of ESPN is wrong again with his prediction that it was only a matter of time until Carmelo Anthony becomes a New Jersey Net.  Sorry New Jersey fans you should all know by now that this man knows nothing about the NBA and the only reason he is on ESPN in the first place is because Chad Ford is the ugly son of the alien John Clayton.

I got my ESPN shots in for the day now moving on to Melo and the Nets deal that didn’t happen.  As a New York Knick fan I’m ecstatic the trade didn’t happen and I feel the Nets fans should feel the same way here’s why:

As good of a player that Carmelo Anthony is, he has proven over his career that he can get his team into the playoffs, but can’t close.  Given the fact that the Western Conference has been top to bottom the best conference in the NBA for awhile, Carmelo has come as far as game 7 in the conference finals but could never put the nail in the coffin.  Melo can’t put a team on his back and take them to the championship-he needs one more superstar around him and the Nets would be trading away any potential superstars.  One main reason Carmelo can’t carry a team is his lack of interest on the defensive side.  When he wants to, Anthony is the hardest player to stop in the NBA, but when it comes to his defense he tends to rest or pick possessions to play defense in order to have energy on the offensive side of the ball.  In today’s game we see that all the superstars and players with rings are all great defenders, spanning from Michael Jordan to the Celtics.  I say the Celtics and not just one player because they play phenomenal TEAM defense, and no sign of Lebron yet on this superstars list because he has as many NBA championship rings as I do.

Another reason why Nets fans should be elated that Carmelo isn’t a Net is because he would have the same team he had in Denver, but playing in the shadow of the Knicks.  Bringing an old Chauncey Billups with him, adding an even more irrelevant player in Rip Hamilton would put the Nets at best in 5th or 6th place in the East.  Not to mention the softest center in the league Brooke Lopez on the interior really wouldn’t help out Melo’s lack of defense. The Nuggets bench is far better than the Nets “bench” if we can even call it that.  The Nets would also hold no future since they would be trading away their pick from last year and their future stockpiled picks.

The Nets are better off using their draft picks and rebuilding the old fashioned way rather than trading the picks and players for one big star and a few role players.  As much as it must pain Net fans, if Favors works out and they can land a few big stars in the upcoming draft, then it will only be a matter of time before the Nets become somewhat relevant.

As far as Melo moving to another team as a rental that’s fine, as long as the Knicks sign him in the off-season, where he wanted to go from the start.


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