Top Five Jordans

On the ten year anniversary of the Jordan XVI being released, of which were my first Jordans I ever owned, I figured a Jordan top five list would be fitting, starting with number 5:

5) Jordan VIII – The Jordan eights were an interesting shoe, incorporating a strap to tighten on the side, these sneakers provided ankle support similar to the Air Force one sneaker that Rasheed Wallace wears.  The fuzzy Jordan logo on the tongue was a nice touch as well as the number 23 across the front of the sneaker.

4) Jordan XVI – The sixteens probably aren’t on everyone’s top five but I’m partial to them since they were my first pair of Jordans I ever bought.  For $160 at the time, the patented leather toe was the perfect design to bring enough Jordan and adding the leather that everyone loves on the XI’s.  Not to mention how light these sneakers were.  I was never partial to the cover over the top of them though.

3) Jordan V – This pair of Jordans looks mostly like a casual sneaker, nice design on the sole and small air bubble add are cleverly added.  The V’s have been switched up a little recently with the fusion Jordans, taking some designs from the Air Force one and some from the Jordan V to become one sneaker.  I don’t know about the V’s for a basketball sneaker but for a sneaker with jeans they are tight.

2) These last two are nearly interchangeable and the selections are obvious, the Jordans at number two are the III’s.  Nike introduces the air bubble for the first time in the Jordan collection and these sneakers look clean with the cement of the playground on the sides.  Personally, my favorite III’s are the true blue but you can’t argue with the classics.  I can’t wait for the re-release coming soon.

1) Drum roll please, I don’t think there was much secret behind the number one Jordan.  The XI’s are by far the smoothest pair of Jordans ever made and no shoe will ever come close to these pieces of perfection.  Patented leather around the entire shoe blinds you when they hit the light.  Picking a favorite color for the XI’s is impossible and getting your hands on a pair is like winning the lottery.  No sneaker is on this level.


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