Lebron James

I used to be like all the rest of you, a huge King James fan–but once he left Cleveland to pair up with one and a half other superstars in Miami it became clear to me this guy can play in the spotlight as long as it’s not on him.  Everyday he seems to be more out of touch with life, ranging from “taking his talents to South Beach” to his latest tweet about Karma.

Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports said it best “He’s [Lebron] got Harvard problems and he’s got community college friends advising him.”  No wonder Lebron is trying to charge people money to attend HIS birthday, or making terrible Nike commercial saying exactly what the truth is, who is advising this guy?

The latest Karma quote really set me off and I realized how much I do despise him, and it’s not because he couldn’t win in Cleveland and left.  He is so out of touch with the world and the NBA that it’s hard to root for a player with such low character and at times seems a little Mike Tyson crazy.  Why is he still talking about Cleveland if he’s so happy he went to South Beach, it’s like he keeps bringing up his ex-girlfriends to his wife-let it go.  And then to lie and say someone else wrote it, for us twitter fanatics we all know there should have been a “RT” next to his statement meaning he retweeted or copied what someone else wrote, used their name and posted it to twitter.  He has also apologized and regretted his decision for “The Decision.” Typical Lebron being in the spotlight and not being able to handle it.  Many stars came before Lebron and none had an hour long “Decision.”  And lastly, his “Heatles” comment–does Lebron know who the Beatles were? Pioneers of music that changed music forever, all the “Heatles” and Lebron has done is play the race card and destroy footage of Lebron getting dunked on at a summer league camps.  I can’t wait to see the excuses and lack of handshakes after the Heat lose in the Eastern conference championship to the Celtics.


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Graduate of the University of Tennessee. Freelance writer at Complex Magazine in New York City, learning from some of the best. Tweet me @nrestivo
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One Response to Lebron James

  1. chappy81 says:

    I think the scary part of his tweet is it shows he doesn’t give a f***. It’s scary to think a guy that talented has completely stopped caring about what people think, and I think that tweet sums it up. He now has the edge he’s never had and I think that’s going to make him even better on the court. I hope I’m wrong because I don’t want to see Miami do well…

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