Carmelo on the Move?

Now that Auburn is the college football “champion” we can now fully focus on the NFL playoffs and the NBA regular season.  The latest buzz in the NBA surrounds Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, number one on my list of top NBA players.  The latest rumors have him going to the New Jersey Nets, soon to be the Brooklyn Nets.  The Nets have started and stopped talks with several teams but recent news has the Detroit Pistons as a potential third team to complete the trade.  As Lee Corso says, “not so fast my friends.”  The Nuggets want to add Al Harrington‘s terrible contract into the mix to free up some cap space and it doesn’t look like any team wants that included in the deal unless a fourth team is added into the mix.  ESPN yesterday claimed that the deal was close to being done, and now says there may not be a deal. (Good news for us Knicks fans)

If Carmelo gets traded that’s life and I along with other Knicks fans will be upset, but I think the most upset out of all of this will be Carmelo Anthony.  Right now he is in Denver with an aging point guard in Chauncey Billups, and eighteen other shooting guards that don’t play defense, and the farthest Melo has gotten with that roster is the conference championship.  If the trade to New Jersey gets done Melo will once again have 18 shooting guards around him, an aging point guard, and a soft center in the middle in Brooke Lopez.  Only now instead of playing in a nice city in Denver, Carmelo will have to go to Newark, New Jersey every night for home games for a year — when the Nets move to Brooklyn Melo will be able to return to where he was born.  I’m not sure if Melo has any say on whether or not he wants to be traded to just anyone but hopefully he recognizes his situation now and realizes he will be put in the same situation in New Jersey, plus New Jersey will be losing their first round draft picks to Denver if the trade happens.  As Knicks fans lets hope the four year, twenty-eight million dollar contract of underachiever Al Harrington is the reason Melo comes to New York and not to Newark/Brooklyn.

Mike Tirico: “OHH WOWW”


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3 Responses to Carmelo on the Move?

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Man there’s a lot going on in sports these days. The Carmelo Anthony trade rumours are really interesting and just thinking about how it changes the scope of the NBA is something that is cool just to imagine. I’m not sure it makes the Nets into instant contenders but I guess anything’s possible. It’s weird how we’re seeing the trend change to go for broke and win now. Not very many team’s want to build from within their organization anymore and I’m not sure hoping to sign a couple stars by clearing up cap space is the best method out there. As a Raptors fan I probably don’t want this trade to happen primarily because it shifts more power to the East, which is the last thing the Raps need in the next few years. But as an NBA fan it would be really fun to see. Anyways, you also think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really wanna know what you have to say.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m a nets fan. I’m biased. But to say that Carmelo Anthony will be the most upset about a trade to New Jersey is ludacris. It is ultimately his decision. If he does not want to be a Net he will not be a Net. The Nets will not trade their franchise to Denver for a two month rental.
    I know everyone loves sources but according to those guys hes the one orchestrating bringing Rip and Chauncey to Newark for a year or so to be competitive and then hopefully recruit CP3 when the time comes.
    But to claim that he is gonna be more upset about going to the Nets than Knicks fan will be is insane. When Denver and New Jersey do strike a deal and I believe they will, it will not go through unless Carmelo agrees to “take his talents to Newark.” And I’m banking that he does.

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