BCS Championship Game

If this pick goes anything like the rest of my NFL picks you probably shouldn’t listen to me, but I’ll go for it anyway.

This BCS championship game seems to be one of the more hyped games in recent years.  No more slow Big Ten team vs. a fast SEC team.  This year it’s the fast paced up-tempo Oregon offense versus Heisman winner Cam Newton and Auburn‘s version of the spread.

As we all know Oregon has one of the fastest operating offenses in the country, getting plays off within twenty seconds of the last play ending, except when playing Cal and their phantom injuries.  Oregon’s defense isn’t very complex, having one of the thinnest playbooks in all of college football with about seventy-five.  The offense is designed to make you think rather than react, especially when players are tired.  This fast paced “nascar” offense could give the Auburn defense which average at best some problems, especially the Auburn defensive line.  Nick Fairley, defensive tackle for the Tigers is one of the top NFL prospects who has been giving teams problems all year long (Oregon has also claimed him as a dirty player)  If Oregon can neutralize Fairley with their quick paced offense and instead of block him, use him as a read–then Oregon stands a chance against this tough SEC team.

Cam Newton is the leader of the Auburn offense and rightfully so.  He has rushed for over 1400 yards on the season, and he is also one of the most efficient passers in all of college football with a quarterback rating of 188, and has only thrown six interceptions on the year.  He has sometimes been compared to Tebow given the fact they are dual threat quarterbacks but that is far from the truth, Newton can throw the ball just as well as he runs it.  Both teams are relatively even except for when it comes to offense and that’s where Auburn gets the edge.  This game will hopefully come down to the fourth quarter and I believe that’s where Auburn will thrive.  Preparing for Oregon is a little different when you have over a month to prepare.

Final Score: Auburn 52 Oregon 42

Uniform competition: Oregon

Hopefully we’ll see something like this from Oregon


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