The Chiefs are the ’02 Patriots

I haven’t heard much about the Chiefs this year other than that they are in the same division as my covetted Oakland Raiders, and that the Raiders defeated them earlier this season.  Another thing that stuck out to me about the Chiefs is how similar they are to the 14 point underdog Patriots in the 2002 Superbowl.  Before you completely bash me for thinking the Chiefs will be the 2011 Superbowl champions hear me out.

The Coach, Coordinators, and Ownership; Starting at the top with ownership Scott Pioli was with the Patriots from 2001-2008, the beginning of the emergence of the New England Patriots, where he put a bunch of no names together and started a football dynasty in New England.  The coordinators for the Chiefs now, are the same coordinators that helped lead the Patriots to the Superbowl.  Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss don’t care about numbers or recognition, but they know how to coach defense and offense respectively and know how to win as coordinators as the professional level.

The Players;  Matt Cassel is having the type of year numbers wise that Tom Brady had during his first Superbowl run.  In the Superbowl Brady only passed for a pedestrian 145 yards, not exceeding 30 attempts.  Charlie Weiss believed in Brady but at the same time wanted to manage him where he could be successfful, the same goes for Cassel who has thrown for 27 touchdowns this year and only five interceptions, limiting the ability for other teams to take advantage of turnovers.  Cassel actually has better numbers than Brady did in the 2002 season, throwing for one less touchdown and nine less interceptions with one game still to be played.  Mike Vrabel who was on the Patriots defense during their run at the Superbowl, captains the young Chiefs defense much like Tedi Bruschi did alongside Vrabel while in New England.

The chiefs went 4-12 last year with very few, if any expectations to win more than six games this year, they’ve exceeded expectations and have won the AFC West.  The Patriots in their 2001 season only won five games and had seemingly the same expectations as the Chiefs.  I’m sure not many people can name many players on the Chiefs roster and I think that’s how the team likes it.  They are flying under the radar, eliminating turnovers, and running the ball successfully.  Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs are the next Super Bowl Champions.


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