End of the Year NFL Top 10’s (Quarterbacks)

Since its the end of the year and there are top ten lists for everything I figured an NFL top ten for most positions was fitting, starting with the quarterbacks.

1) Tom Brady – As much as it pains me to say it, he’s great and spreads it out to so many receivers it’s almost impossible to defend the Patriots offensive attack.

2) Michael Vick – After last weeks gave versus the Giants, Vick edged out Peyton Manning for this spot.  Teams can’t play man versus him or else he picks up thirty yards with ease and has finally become a threat throwing from the pocket.  Vick would win the MVP – it’s too bad the NFL is fixed.  And if you can’t get over him and his dogfights you’re just a hater.

3) Peyton Manning – Mr. Consistency, has had another good year, but average by his standards.  And has done it with pretty much no name receivers and players he has limited time to practice with.

4) Matt RyanMatty Ice doesn’t lose very often, his stats are pretty good and he rarely turns the ball over.  He also doesn’t lose at home and that alone helps your team get to the playoffs.  For some reason he doesn’t get much press but once the playoffs come around he’ll be able to shine on the big stage.

5) Phillip Rivers – He would be higher on the list, especially with the year that he’s having but his team failed to turn it on in the beginning of the year and that is catching up with them now.  He needs to win all the time, not just in December.

6) Joe Flacco – Gets overshadowed most of the time because of the stars on the Ravens defense, throws very few interceptions and is usually smart with the ball.  At times the Ravens play calling has been shaky but Flacco seems to be on pace to getting his team another playoff birth.

7) Drew Brees – The NFL’s version of Tim Tebow, seemingly put New Orleans on his back when he got there and still is carrying that entire city.  He, much like Manning has been without some of his key players; match up nightmare Reggie Bush and leading rusher from last year Pierre Thomas.

8 ) Aaron Rodgers – Had somewhat of a sloppy season in terms of interceptions but there is no one else in the league who can throw a slant like Aaron Rodgers.  Missing last week made him slip somewhat on the list but quarterbacks six through eight are almost interchangeable.  It also didn’t help that there is no running game threat in Green Bay.

9) Eli Manning – It’s tough to root for a guy with facial expression like his, but Eli has had another quality season for the New York Giants.  Continuing with the trend, Eli has had to deal with injuries to his wide receivers but has helped his Giants get within striking distance for a playoff spot in the terrible NFC.

10) No one cares about number ten so I’ll throw a Curveball here, Sam Bradford.  The numbers aren’t great, it might go against the rest of my top ten with lack of wins, but for a rookie quarterback that has to play in St. Louis Bradford has exceeded expectations.  It’s not very often a rookie quarterback has the chance to lead his team to the playoffs, given their record isn’t even .500 but still-he can’t help that the rest of the division is terrible.

Big Ben didn’t make the list, he was too busy shoving girls into bathroom stalls.


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One Response to End of the Year NFL Top 10’s (Quarterbacks)

  1. kevinrhea says:

    Manning 3!!!!

    Actually I. Tend to agree. However give Manning that defense, coach and talent and hell, he may be 15-0.

    P.S. Tom Brady is Gay…I’m serious

    (not that there is anything wrong with that)

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