The Jets aren’t Good, but They Could be Better

I am by no means a Jet fan and could really care less what happens to them, however being back home for vacation in the New York/New Jersey area it’s hard to ignore the feeble efforts of the Jets.  If I was to pick a team yesterday it would’ve been the Jets, expecting them to be fired up after being embarrassed on national television against an in conference rival.  The Jets came out anything but fired up.  As always the Jets defense kept them in the game, and that wasn’t hard to believe considering Chad Henne solidified himself as the worst starting quarterback in the league.  The baffling part of the game was the Jets offense.

Mark Sanchez threw for a staggering forty-four attempts in the game leaving me to question what exactly the offensive philosophy for the Jets is.  Last year they threw the ball when they needed to, but ran the ball and successfully did it with their two headed attack of Thomas Jones and Shonn Green.  The most important aspect of last season was they could run they ball when they wanted to, teams knew they were going to run the ball and the Jets still succeeded.  When the Jets beat the only team over .500 this year Mark Sanchez threw for only 220 yards.  The rushing game was evenly spread out between Tomlinson and Greene and Dustin Keller was still making plays.  It seems like Keller has completely evaporated from his tight end position and the Jets are playing ten on eleven.

The Jets defense will keep them in games, but if they can’t score they can kiss their playoff hopes and advancing in the playoffs good-bye.  The Jets still haven’t scored a touchdown against a team over .500 since they played the Patriots in week 2, and they can’t win at home.  In order for the Jets to fulfill their false hype at the beginning of the season they need to get Keller back into the picture, have at least 30 touches between Tomlinson and Greene, and limit Mark Sanchez’s attempts to twenty-five or lower.

The Jets can’t help their schedule and that’s obvious, they are taking care of bad teams, not beating .500 teams, and can’t score a touchdown against the better teams in the league.  Mix that with the inability to win at home and a coach that has hyped an average team up and that’s a recipe for disaster.


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  1. says:

    Mission 3 New York Jets defense must come up big against San Diego Chargers . The Jets need to apply combination and bracket coverages that can account for the mismatches the Chargers can manufacture.

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