How the Bowls Should Be

Looking over the BCS bowl games there aren’t many games that intrigue me other than a few.  As always I believe the BCS got it wrong this year, and the following are how I think the BCS should look.  And yes I am straying from the traditional format.

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game

Oregon vs. Auburn

I do believe both of these teams are the best teams in the country and it will be an absolute shootout.  Seeing how Auburn defends the spread should be interesting considering most teams in the SEC are primarily pro teams, aside from a few.  We’ll see just how fast the SEC is against the Oregon speedsters.

All-State Sugar Bowl

Alabama vs. Ohio State

Here we go again, Ohio State in another bowl versus an SEC team.  Ohio State is 0-9 versus SEC teams in bowl games, and if this isn’t the year to prove that they can beat an SEC team then I don’t ever see it happening.  Alabama lost to the two teams in the SEC championship game and LSU, and beat Arkansas at Arkansas.  I think Alabama is still an elite team in the SEC and I believe they will give Ohio State a more competitive and all around better game to watch.

Discover Orange Bowl

TCU vs. Arkansas

Finally TCU gets to match up against a formidable opponent from a power conference and the BCS doesn’t put them against another non-BCS conference.  Arkansas has one of the best passing attacks in the country to go with a potent running game, and that match up versus the best defense in the country might be the most engaging in the bowl season.  Finally the SEC plays a mountain west undefeated team.

Rose Bowl

Wisconsin vs. Stanford

The classic Big Ten vs. Pac-10 game, I can’t imagine giving an edge to either team, Wisconsin with their running attack and Stanford with their quarterback and potential number one overall pick in the NFL draft, this game would be an absolute shootout.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Oklahoma vs. Boise State

The match up from a few years ago.  To finally shut up all of the critics that don’t think Boise is good enough, make them play Oklahoma and the debate can end if a one loss WAC team should be in the BCS.  If Boise wins however, they prove that they can go into bowl games, out coach, and out play their opponents and are worthy of a big game.  Boise could be UCONN who is going to play Oklahoma nine times out of ten, and are much more deserving of this spot than any Big East or ACC team, not to mention that draw for this game would be huge.


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