Ohio St. vs. Boise St

After the comments made by Ohio State’s president on the BCS and the non-BCS conferences “Well, I don’t know enough about the Xs and Os of college football,” said Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee. “I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.

“So I think until a university runs through that gauntlet that there’s some reason to believe that they [are] not be the best teams in the big ballgame.”

I decided to compare the two schedules and see the difference between the two (if there is any) and also reveal that Ohio State plays a lot more “little sisters of the poor” than they realize.

Week 1

Marshall @ Ohio St. and Boise St. vs. #10 Virginia Tech (neutral site) – Clearly the strength of schedule is in Boise State’s favor here.  Even though the game was at a neutral site it was in Washington DC which is much closer to Virginia Tech than it is to Boise State.  Ohio State played an average team from the MAC conference, I think that says it all–Advantage Boise State.

Week 2

Miami (FL) @ Ohio State and Boise State @ Wyoming – Ohio State handles the University of Miami who would later lose to Virginia Tech later in the season, Boise State defeats an opponent much like Ohio State played in the week prior–Advantage Ohio State for the week, overall schedule strength tied.

Week 3

Ohio @ Ohio State and #24Oregon State vs. Boise State (neutral location) – Keep in mind Ohio State is yet to play on the road and even though Boise State has played at neutral locations they still have to travel and are yet to play at home.  Both teams win again this week–Advantage back to Boise State.

Week 4

Eastern Michigan @ Ohio State and Boise State @ New Mexico State – Eastern Michigan and New Mexico state can be classified as high school football teams both having a combined record of 4-18 (both teams have the same record of 2-9)  Boise plays another game on the road and Ohio State is yet to leave their home–Boise still holds the advantage over Ohio State.  Right now over four weeks Boise State and Ohio State hold the same record and Boise State hasn’t played at home and Ohio State has yet to leave Columbus.

Week 5

Ohio State @ Illinois and Toledo @ Boise State – Boise State returns home for the first time and handles what is now a 7-4 Toledo team, and Ohio State beats the sixth best team in an average Big Ten conference by eleven points–Schedule strength back to even.

Week 6

Indiana @ Ohio State and Boise State @ San Jose State – San Jose state is a very bad team this year (1-10) and Indian is (o-7) in the Big Ten this year.  Slight edge for schedule goes to Ohio State only because Indiana has four wins, Boise State has only played one home game.

Week 7

Ohio State @ Wisconsin and Louisiana Tech @ Boise State – Ohio State gets run all over on the road and loses for the first time this season, while playing their second ranked team.  Boise State sleeps through the first half versus Lousiana Tech and still wins by 29.  Ohio State did play a ranked team but lost, advantage Boise State.

Week 8

Purdue @ Ohio State and Hawaii @ Boise State – A feared Hawaii team with a potent offense comes into Boise State and gets worked, only scoring seven points and letting up forty-two.  Ohio State plays another home game and beats another 4-7 team in the Purdue Boilermakers.  No schedule advantage for either team.

Week 9

Ohio State @ Minnesota and Boise State @ Idaho – Minnesota is no better than a 1-AA football program losing to South Dakota, Northern Illinois, and almost lost to Middle Tennessee State.  Boise State goes into the Idaho Football gym and beats up on a 5-6 Idaho team.  Once again no schedule strength for each.

Week 10

Penn State @ Ohio State and Fresno State @ Boise State – Just another win for Boise State winning handly, coach Pat Hill of Fresno State says Boise State can beat anyone in the country.  Ohio State takes care of another middle of the pack Penn State team.  Strength of schedule goes to Ohio State.

It’s clear to me and hopefully to you now that Boise State has played as many “little sisters of the poor” as Ohio State has.  They have both played the same amount of ranked teams, only Boise State handled their business against those teams and Ohio State couldn’t.  Yes Ohio State lost to a very good Wisconsin team at a tough place to play, however Wisconsin is about the same as Virginia Tech  in terms of skill.  I would love to see Boise State get to play Ohio State or play for the national championship and I think they deserve it.  The one thing I hope the BCS doesn’t do to cover themselves is have TCU play Boise State again this year.


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