Ron Artest is Still Crazy

The latest from Ron Artest is that he wants to play in the NFL.  He turned to Terrell Owens and asked him whether or not he has a shot to actually make a team, and we still haven’t heard back from Owens.

Artest might be the most insane player in the league, I think everyone remembers the rumble in the palace when Artest charged a FAN and went up into the seats to take care of the heckler.  I for one think basketball players are the best athletes out of all the major sports and if someone could make a team it would be Artest, he has that “off” gene.  I could see him running down on kickoffs and taking out the entire wedge.  However, it is hard to judge how fast Artest really is, and how tough he would be when the whistle doesn’t blow every possession like in the NBA.


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