Best Weekend so Far for the NFL

Today there are three big games that the NFL scheduler has picked.; Colts-Pats, Vikings-Packers, and the night cap Eagles Giants.

I think the Packers game is a little over-hyped considering Brett Favre is done and so is that team, however Favre’s favorite target is back in Sidney Rice and maybe the team will finally realize who they have in their back field and use Adrian Peterson twenty-five to thirty times this game.

The other day game between the Colts and Patriots features the “new look” Patriots who instead of spread the field out with all wide receivers have chosen the two tight end package most of the time with their young tight ends Gronkowski and Hernandez.  The colts come into the game with a banged up roster and I don’t see them putting up much of a fight versus Tom Brady and his hair.  The only thing that may keep the Colts in the game is the average Patriot defense.  I don’t really care who wins this one, I just hope I don’t have to see Tom Brady trying to pump up his team mates on the sideline because that was nauseating.

The night game features the NFL offensive player of the week from last week in Mike Vick.  I expect a high scoring game in this one, and the Giants defensive ends to somewhat neutralize a scrambling Vick.  However Mike Vick has shown that he can step up in the pocket and make virtually any throw that he needs to make on the field.  Slight edge to Ron Mexico and the Eagles.


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