Notre Dame Makes me Sick

Notre Dame plays Army Saturday night at Yankee Stadium, renewing their rivalry from 1940 when both teams were powerhouses winning many national championships between them.  However this is 2010 and Notre Dame hasn’t won a legitimate bowl in what seems like thirty years (The Hawaii Bowl doesn’t count.)  Army is in the same boat as Notre Dame, however I respect them given the fact they will some day be protecting our nation.

I’m really happy for both teams that they were such a big rivalry over sixty years ago, but why not put two legitimate teams to play in Yankee stadium rather than two teams that haven’t been relevant in thirty years.

One thing I do like is the reemergence of football in baseball stadiums, I think it’s good for football and the fans.


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Graduate of the University of Tennessee. Freelance writer at Complex Magazine in New York City, learning from some of the best. Tweet me @nrestivo
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