The Best Actor in Hollywood

By best of course I mean worst, and who could that be?  Most of you probably guessed it, none other than Steven Seagal.  Steven has starred in many blockbuster hits, most notably “Exit Wounds,” his first film debuting in 1987 “Above the Law,” and maybe his most ridiculous movie “Hard to Kill.”  What other man can have a dance off while cooking for the United States Navy (Under Siege), get thrown into a freezer make it out of the freezer alive, and fight off a cross dressing Gary Busey–and by fight off I mean breaking at least thirty-four different wrists.  Most of Steven’s films have gone straight to video/dvd, which is shocking–however “Exit Wounds” starring DMX made it to the big screen and had a lasting impact on fans throughout the country.  In most Seagal films, Steven tends to play a former cop, navy seal, vietnam soldier, etc.

One thing many people don’t know about Seagal is his love and passion for music.  Seagal owns his own recording company and plays guitar, shockingly enough most of Steven’s songs have been featured in his latest straight to DVD films.

Steven Seagal’s latest venture has been in the area of law enforcement on the television show “Steven Seagal: Lawman.”  A show much like cops, viewers ride along with Steven on his shifts in Louisiana watching Steven take down criminals.

Maybe the most hilarious product Seagal has out there today is an aftershave called “Scent of Action.”

There is nothing better to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon than to catch a Steven Seagal movie with your closest friends and count how many wrists Seagal breaks.


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