30 for 30

I constantly rip ESPN apart for their anchors, awful writing, awful coverage, over coverage, and awful NBA analysts; but one of the few things that they do get right are the 30 for 30 documentaries.  I guess since those are produced by actual talent it has nothing to do with ESPN other than the fact that they air them and get paid, but that’s besides the point.  Tonight’s 30 for 30 was about Marcus Dupree, a former Oklahoma running back under Barry Switzer who could have been one of the best if not THE best college running backs of all time.  I would prefer not to give away the entire story, but instead ask a few questions about the documentary.  My first question is if Dupree went to Texas where he originally committed would he have stayed there all four years?  At Oklahoma, Dupree didn’t get along with Switzer or the rest of the coaching staff which along with his injuries and some poor advice led him away from Oklahoma.  If Dupree had in fact stayed at Oklahoma and played at least another year he probably could have won the heisman as a sophomore which was unheard of at the time.  Another question I had was, is Marcus Dupree truly happy in the end or does he still have regrets not only leaving Oklahoma, not for his own self-fulfillment but for his brother that couldn’t walk or play football.  It seemed at the end when he was crying he wishes he could’ve done more for his brother.  Those are just a few immediate questions I had about the documentary and hope to have them answer as well as hear some feedback, overall I think this was the best 30 for 30 episode so far.


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